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Meditation Spaces

The Meditation Room

At Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital, we understand the importance of contemplation and spiritual conversation, especially in a healthcare environment.

Our non-denominational Meditation Room is designed to be a quiet place for reflection, tranquility and prayer for anyone who desires a need to do so.

The Meditation Room is located on the 1 st level of the hospital, across from the Resource Center and Gift Shop, the Meditation Room is open 24 hours a days, 7 days a week.

Healing Garden

The stunning Azul Healing Garden is located in an interior courtyard on the 1 st level of the hospital, adjacent to the main lobby. This project is a collaborative design between artist Dan Corson and Ahbe Landscape Architects. The artist’s goal was to create a garden that facilitates stress reduction by exploring a principle of chromotherapy (color therapy), and saturating the space with the color blue. Proponents of chromotherapy believe that the color blue has calming effects that may reduce blood pressure, slow breathing and reduce heart rate. It may also aid in rest, digestion, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing effects. A blue-hued environment is also said to make people more responsive to new ideas, allowing for increased creativity and problem solving.

The Azul Healing Garden at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital is a civic art project of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.