Care Management

At Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital we view every patient visit as one stop in a larger journey to better health. That’s why care begins the moment each patient sets foot inside our hospital, and does not stop when our patients leave. In a unique and innovative approach, our treatment plans focus on a complete continuum of care. This is part of our commitment to ensuring the best and most comprehensive patient care in a timely manner.

As soon as you register at MLKCH, either in the Emergency Department or in Admissions, a personal electronic health record (EHR) is created for you. Then you are assigned your own Care Manager who oversees and guides you through your entire hospital experience. We have a dedicated staff of Care Managers and Social Workers on site 24 hours a day. Acting as your personal coach, your Care Manager makes sure your good health starts the moment you arrive at MLKCH, and continues beyond the four walls of the hospital.

Care Managers work directly with both your primary care, MLCKH physicians, and medical staff, making sure that everything related to your hospital visit – from insurance coverage to clinical care to social services - is coordinated and seamless, in the hospital and with your outside caregivers.

This includes providing follow-up and coordination with medical providers and other agencies to ease the transition for all patients leaving the hospital, even after you return home. Our Care Managers develop a thorough discharge plan in advance that takes into account each patient’s unique situation, both medical and psycho-social. For example, if you have certain health-related issues and services necessary for your care, your Care Manager can help resolve these and other challenges so you can continue on your wellness journey and have a successful recovery once you return home.