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Interpreter / Translation and Hard-of-Hearing / Deaf Services

We speak your language

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital has a nurturing, multicultural and multilingual staff that understands the needs of the community and serves residents of all ethnicities and backgrounds. We offer the comfort and confidence of being able to communicate and receive information in each patient’s preferred language as part of our commitment to provide the highest level of quality medical care. If your doctor, nurse or other care providers don’t speak the language that you are most comfortable communicating in, we provide translation services in more than 210 languages.

MLKCH’s Interpreter/Translation and Hard-of-Hearing / Deaf Services are available to all MLKCH patients and their families at no cost. Every attempt is made to provide services in any language by an in-person interpreter, video conference or by telephone.

MLKCH interpreters facilitate effective and efficient communication between patients who may have limited English-language proficiency and hospital staff. This contributes to better health outcomes, and to more satisfying patient care experiences for all.

Written translation of certain medical documents, correspondence and patient education materials are available.

MLKCH is working with Language Access Network (LAN), which provides interpreter/translation and hard-of-hearing / deaf services to some of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. LAN uses only certified translators and is 100% healthcare focused, so they speak your language.