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Spiritual Care

For many people, spiritual care is an important component of getting and staying healthy. The volunteer clergy team at Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital provides respectful spiritual care and emotional support to patients, families and staff. We serve all faith traditions, religious affiliations and cultures. We also offer Spanish-language pastoral and spiritual support. There is no fee for these services.

Patients do not need to be affiliated with a congregation or faith community to call for spiritual support. However, if you do belong to a community, your minister, imam, rabbi or other spiritual advisor may visit you or your family member at any time (requests to do so must be made in advance). To arrange a visit, please contact Karina Cervantes at kcervantes@mlkch.org or call 424-338-8860.

When patients are admitted to the hospital, MLKCH staff will ask if they have religious or spiritual preferences, and if they would like to have their own clergy visit them. If the patient does not have their own spiritual advisor, or their advisor is not available, MLKCH’s Spiritual Care service can arrange visits to patients in the hospital from our volunteer clergy team. Clergy members interested in becoming part of MLKCH’s Spiritual Care visiting service can contact Karina Cervantes at kcervantes@mlkch.org or call 424-338-8860.