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Healthy Lifestyle:

Know Your Basics!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital (MLKCH) is proud to introduce Know Your Basics as one of its signature community engagement initiatives. Know Your Basics is a community health outreach campaign that focuses on providing residents with information and resources to better manage their health. MLKCH wants to empower the community by providing residents with basic health information and assistance in selecting a health plan. The campaign includes health education, screenings, referral resources and health insurance enrollment opportunities at fitness centers, grocery stores, farmer markets, senior centers, recreation centers, and barber shops and beauty salons within the hospital’s service area. MLKCH is partnered with the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association and community health organizations.

Part of the Know Your Basics campaign is sharing helpful information on how to enhance and maintain physical health and mental fitness. The following tips can help you achieve a state of total well-being in your everyday life:

Physical Health

  • Facilitate early identification of illness through physical examinations and screening tests.
  • Control chronic illnesses by always taking prescribed medications and following diet and nutrition recommendations.
  • Stay active by regularly engaging in moderate exercise as directed by your doctor or other health care provider.

Mental Fitness

  • Identify the source of stress and find healthy and productive ways to deal with it.
  • Blow off steam with moderate exercise.
  • Recognize depression and treat it early – individual and group counseling can prove highly valuable in managing clinical depression.
  • Stick to medication therapy as an essential element to control symptoms of mental illness.

Take medications as prescribed, obtain refills prior to running out, and promptly notify your doctor of side effects. The pursuit of wellness is not without its challenges, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Partner with your physician or other health care practitioners and organizations on your journey to wellness and you too can live life to the fullest.

Do it for yourself and for those you love.

Be purposeful. Be persistent. Be well.