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Free COVID Vaccines

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MLK Community Healthcare offers free COVID-19 vaccines to eligible residents of South Los Angeles

Simplified process, free vaccines help close vaccine equity gap in hard-hit South LA

Willowbrook, CA February 24— Eligible residents of South Los Angeles can get free, safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines at a series of vaccine clinics run by MLK Community Healthcare (MLKCH).

See our Covid-19 vaccines information page.

For the next few weeks, MLKCH will offer free Pfizer vaccines ONLY to eligible community members, including healthcare workers, emergency services and first responders, educational and child care professionals, agricultural and food service workers, as well as persons 65 years and older, that reside in Service Planning Area 6, which includes these communities:

  • Athens
  • Compton
  • Crenshaw
  • Florence
  • Hyde Park
  • Jefferson
  • Lynwood
  • Paramount
  • Watts
  • Willowbrook

African Americans and Latinos, who make up the majority of the South LA community, are dying from the virus at a significantly higher rate than Caucasians. Yet vaccine administration has lagged in South Los Angeles relative to more affluent areas.

The public can learn more about the Covid vaccines on our Covid Vaccines Information page

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MLK Community Healthcare is an award-winning health system that serves the medically-underserved community of South Los Angeles.  MLKCH offers emergency and inpatient care through its hospital and primary and specialty care through its doctors’ offices in three locations throughout South LA. MLKCH also offers community health education and outreach to improve the health of our community.  Since its opening in 2015, the hospital has garnered awards and headlines for its innovative approaches to quality, safety and patient satisfaction.  

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