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After Baby Is Born

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It doesn't matter if this is your first baby or your fourth—bringing home a new baby is a big deal and every new mom deserves personal support and encouragement! 

Our hospital offers the Welcome Baby Program for new families after your baby is born. It’s free and voluntary for families that  live within the program’s service area. Read more about this program’s great benefits below.

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Breastfeeding instruction

The Welcome Baby Program begins while you're here in the hospital. The Welcome Baby team will help you learn how to breastfeed your new baby.

All Welcome Baby staff are Certified Lactation Educators (CLE). This means they have special training in helping mothers learn to breastfeed. They can teach you:

  • How often to feed your baby
  • How to tell if your baby is getting enough to eat
  • How to overcome common breastfeeding problems
Nurse handing a newborn baby to mother

Visiting nurse support

If you qualify for the program, Welcome Baby includes a free follow-up nursing visit for you at home, within a week after your baby’s birth.

During this home visit, you will get more help with feeding your new baby. The visiting nurse helps you with breastfeeding and other questions you may have.

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Parent coaching

Welcome Baby also offers a personal parent coach.

Your personal parent coach can:

  • Answer questions about your baby's crying or sleeping
  • Give you helpful information about your baby
  • Teach you how to care for your newborn

Ask our Welcome Baby coordinator if you live in a location that is eligible for this program.

Learn more about Welcome Baby today

To learn more about the Welcome Baby Program please contact our Welcome Baby Program Coordinator, Sonia Munoz, at 424-338-8222.