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Having Your Baby Here

Smiling Latina mom holding and looking at her newborn baby wrapped in a blanket
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Contact us at 424-338-8300 to pre-register your delivery

It’s Your Baby and Your Experience

When you have your baby at our hospital, we work hard to make sure you and your family have the experience you want. Our entire expert team of doctors, certified nurse midwives, and nurses is here for you. 

We completely support you before and after your baby arrives. During every stage, we listen to what you want. That way, we are able to give you the care that's right for you.
We're looking forward to helping you and your family welcome your new baby!

Call our Admitting Team at (424)338-8300 to pre-register your delivery in our beautiful private rooms.

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A woman holding her newborn baby on her chest skin-to-skin


After you give birth, we will place your baby on your bare chest. You will have at least an hour to hold your newborn this way. This “skin-to-skin time” helps your baby’s body temperature and heart rate adjust to the outside world. It also helps you and your baby bond.