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Free Health Screenings

An MLKCH volunteer shows a man his readings on a screening device at a community event

Meet us at a community event to Know Your Basics

Want a free and easy way to find out how healthy you are? There are three numbers that can give you a basic idea about your health. Nearly every month, Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital offers Know Your Basics health screenings in the community.

At these screenings, you can find your numbers for:

  • Blood glucose. This test measures how much glucose, a type of sugar, is in your blood. High blood glucose levels can damage your kidneys, eyes, and other parts of your body.
  • Body mass index (BMI). Your BMI represents the ratio between your height and weight. For most people, it gives a good idea of how much body fat you have.
  • Blood pressure. It’s important to test your blood pressure, because high blood pressure puts you at risk for heart disease.

You’ll receive a booklet that offers tips for physical and mental fitness. The booklet also includes information to help you find health insurance, and a list of places around South Los Angeles where you can go when you need healthcare.

The screenings are simple and convenient—and best of all, they’re helpful.

“We should all have a really good understanding of how healthy we are,” says Juan M. Cabrales, MD, at Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital. “We can go back to those three key pieces of data to understand our health.”

Visit our Know Your Basics page to learn when and where our next free health screenings are.

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