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Billing & Financial Assistance

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We know you might need help understanding your hospital bills and paying for them. That’s why we have friendly, bilingual Financial Counselors here to talk with you, either while you’re still in the hospital or after you go home.

You can work with our Financial Counselors to apply for health insurance if you don’t have any, and you can find out if you qualify for programs that will help pay for your hospital bills.

How to get financial assistance

Find out if you qualify for financial assistance! To be considered for help paying your hospital bills, you will need to:

  1. Complete our Financial Assistance Application
  2. Provide the information that supports your need for financial assistance

That’s it! The process is fast and easy.

Important: Your personal information is safe with us. We share your information only with the health programs we discuss with you.

Call our Financial Counseling office at 424-338-8300 to make your appointment.

Applying for financial assistance

Below are the forms the Financial Counselor will give you. We're here to help you understand and complete them.

Do you have questions about your bills?
Please call us at 800-348-9439. We can help.

How we bill your health insurance

If you have health insurance, we will ask for payment from your insurer.

We'll send you a bill that shows the total cost of your care (without your insurer's payment). Then, we'll send you a second bill after your insurer pays our claim. The second bill you receive shows the amount left that you owe.

If you have questions about your Medicare, Medi-Cal, or Covered California health insurance plan and your hospital bills, you may call the agency directly:

  • Medicare, call 800-633-4227 (800-MEDICARE)
  • Medi-Cal, call the Medi-Cal Department of Social Services Customer Service at 866-613-3777
  • Covered California, call California Health Benefit Exchange at 800-300-1506

Bills from outside the hospital

In addition to bills you receive from Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital, it’s very likely that you’ll get bills from people or services that we used for your care, including your doctor, surgeon, or pain management doctor. For example: if you visit our emergency room and have x-rays taken, you may get separate bills from the emergency room physician and x-ray doctor (radiologist).

If you have questions about your bills from other providers, you can call them directly:

  • Valley Emergency Physicians (Emergency Room Physicians): 844-266-2112
  • CHMB (billing for Radiology, Anesthesiology and Urology): 760-884-3400

Remember that if you need help paying for your medical care, you can work with our Financial Counselors to apply for financial assistance to pay your bills.