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Know Your Basics

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Join Us at a Screening Event

Take Control of Your Health & Know Your Numbers

Know Your Basics is a free and friendly service of MLKCH that helps you take control of your health.

Join us at a local event to:

  • Find out your important health numbers
  • Get information about health insurance
  • Discover places to get healthcare in South LA
  • Learn ways to support your health

Each screening event lasts about 15 minutes. Show up and we will take care of you!

Upcoming screening events:

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Just a few numbers tell you a lot:

Body mass index icon

Body mass index (BMI) lets you know if you are a healthy weight

Cholesterol icon

Cholesterol helps you understand if you are at risk for heart disease

Blood sugar icon

Blood sugar (glucose) helps you know if you are at risk for diabetes or if you have diabetes

Blood pressure icon

Blood pressure helps manage a condition which could lead to heart attack or stroke

What can I expect at a Know Your Basics event?

You can expect friendly volunteers who will offer to take your blood pressure, measure your blood sugar, and check your body mass index.

A volunteer will record your numbers in a Know Your Basics booklet that you can  take with you at the end of your screening. The booklet also has information on health insurance and nearby medical clinics.

Our volunteers are usually Spanish-speaking. You can expect us to protect your privacy and to treat you with respect.

Why is it important to know my health numbers?

Why is it important to know your blood pressure rate, your blood sugar, and other important health numbers? Because these numbers can tell you if your heart is working too hard, or if you are at risk of diabetes.

If you know your risks, you can take steps to reduce them through medications or through healthy diet and exercise. The Know Your Basics team will be happy to connect you with great resources in the community that can help!