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Imagine working at

'the hospital of the future'

Imagine being part of an effort to redefine what a community hospital is and can do. Imagine making a difference, not only in people's lives, but in the health of an entire community. Imagine working alongside exceptionally dedicated and passionate professionals, where together, your impact isn't incremental, but rather, exponential. Imagine yourself at MLKCH.

We're a high-quality, high-tech, and high-touch community hospital offering health and wellness services. People matter, and it shows both in our work culture and in our service delivery systems.

We do things differently

Physicians at MLKCH join a medical staff of highly trained, board-certified professionals drawn from the nation’s top academic institutions. They are supported by some of the best systems and processes in the nation. For example, MLKCH recently received the prestigious HIMSS 7 rating for electronic medical records, a status achieved by only 6% of hospitals in the nation. The hospital has 24/7 coverage by both hospitalists and intensivists to ensure consistency of care. And our physicians are passionate about reversing adverse health trends that afflict this long medically-underserved community.

The combination of skilled colleagues, state-of-the-art systems, and a mission-driven culture results in exceptionally high-quality care. It's also part of a broader effort to transform thinking about community hospitals. From our unique public-private governance structure, to our exacting quality standards, to our position at the center of an ambitious structural plan to transform health in South LA, MLKCH is positioned to pursue innovations in care and practice that few other hospitals can entertain, and which have earned us media headlines such as, “The Hospital of the Future.”

Be part of the change that's happening here at MLKCH.

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