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Your Hospital In Your Words

Collage from our maternity department
Collage from our maternity department


"Great experience, and the best, most helpful team of nurses to help with giving birth. Before and after my delivery."

"My nurse helped me when I had an emotional day breastfeeding. She was amazing. She helped me calm down."

"My niece had a baby here and staff was wonderful. The nicest nurses ever! This new hospital has excellent staff!"

"I would recommend this hospital. It was truly a great experience. The best experience I could have asked for as a first-time mom!"


"Nurses in ICU and on the 5th floor are awesome. The best, keep up the great work."

"Very good surgeon, very nice and attentive, explained all the process of my operation and even showed me a drawing of my operation."

"I appreciate all the help, the complete staff worked together to make me feel better."

"This hospital took very good care of me and made a very scary event very comfortable. Staff had smiles for me at all times, which kept a smile on my face."

"The nurses and doctor were helpful and concerned about my health and well-being all of the time I was in the Emergency Department."

"My experience at the hospital was exceptionally good! I’ve already talked to my friends about my experience in the Emergency Department. If I need your service again I certainly will be back. This is a perfect example of how all hospitals should be!"

"Very grateful for your services for me and the community. Thank you for your time, effort and consideration for my health and well-being."


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"The reason I go to your hospital is because you treat me like a person and you tend to all of my needs. Thank you for your service."

"Very well trained, polite and neatly dressed nurses. Please keep this up and continue the great job you guys are doing."

"Thank you radiology team for making me laugh and getting me into my comfort zone."

"I would definitely recommend this hospital to family and friends! It’s a beautiful environment, very nice and clean. The community needs this service. Thank you for all you do!"

"God bless you for being there. It’s nice, with kind and courteous people of all races. You save lives. God bless you. I have already told various people to go there. It’s a good hospital with nice people. Very good hospital. Blessings."

"Beyond very good. Best care anyone can get. 5 South made my stay so worth it, all shifts."

"This is a great hospital. I’m so happy to see it open! Excellent doctors, great staff! Special thanks to the Endocrinology Department!"

"I would come back to this hospital with no hesitation. I felt safe, was treated well and everyone is so nice and caring. I enjoyed my stay. I will recommend to family and friends. Thank you for making me feel like I was getting the best care. Thank you to all the doctors and nurses for making me feel safe, pain free and cared for. Great job to all staff from checking in, to the doctors, nurses and checking out."

"The staff that drew blood from me was excellent. I never felt a thing or was scared, even though I have a phobia of needles. I informed them of this and they were awesome."

"If the ratings for hotels count for hospitals then I give this hospital a 5-star rating."

"I really hope MLK stays as great as it’s been. As much as I dislike visiting [hospitals], MLK is always my first choice."


"I must admit, the food prepared was the best food I’ve eaten in a long time. And I’m a vegetarian. The chef was fantastic, I wanted to stay for the food. [I know] that’s silly."


"I like helping to make the most important thing a woman does in her life easier and happier for her."

"With all the new and innovative technology MLKCH has to offer, it makes for a great and efficient patient care experience. Patients are amazed. Everyone here is so dedicated in making staff welcome that you feel like you belong. I'm so happy to be part of such an amazing team."

"I'm proud of where I work and who I work with. My most recent job was in a large acute care hospital. The culture there seemed to put focus on objectives rather than patient care. Working at MLKCH, I feel that patient care—the patient—is the center here, every time. Just walking into the hospital, you understand how it has been designed for efficient nurse/caregiver workflow."

"It's a blessing to be part of this hospital. It's completely new and there is a lot of opportunity for learning. At MLKCH, nurses have a voice to give input. You can express yourself and your opinions are heard. As a brand-new institution, we've had a few wrinkles here and there, but everyone works together and we can all say we all had a part in that."

"At a lot of established hospitals, things are set and not much is going to change. Here my voice is heard, leaders listen and are open to suggestions. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the patients are so grateful for the care. It truly is a new day at MLKCH. If you want to branch out, establish new protocols, learn new things, and put your RN experience to the test, this is the place."

"We all work so well together. I think that MLKCH has a great team, from ER all the way through. Medical surgical, telemetry, OR, PACU, we all work together. We have great communication skills. We cannot do it without all of the nurses. The nurses are what make up MLKCH."

"The reason I decided to come on to Martin Luther King [Jr. Community Hospital], it's like nostalgia for me. As a kid, I went to school right down the street at Markham Intermediate Junior High…It just brings back a whole lot of memories. Now, I know I can make an impact here."

"One of the reasons that drew me here was that I wanted to start something where I could be a bigger part of the community. I love it."

"What makes working here at Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital special for me is that I'm able to give my care, my expertise, my experience not only being a nurse, but being a patient liaison. We are in an underserved community, and people do need a lot of help and resources, and we're able to provide that for them."

"I've been in this for 30 years. I'm getting towards the end of my career, so I want to work with people who have a real need, and just be of service to those people."

"I wanted to serve this community. Coming into a new hospital is not just exciting, but coming to this particular community, for me, is very interesting, especially that this community needs so much in terms of medical care."

"The nurses realize that this is a different culture at this hospital. The nurses know that they've walked into something special."

"What I'm passionate about is making sure that we give people the opportunity to be healthy so they can continue to contribute to their community."

"I came to MLKCH to help the underserved. Every day, I see ways in which the team helps people in need here in South LA. Providing critical care is just one part of what we do. Our mission includes being compassionate partners in good health, wellness, and the future of the community."